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Well designed and built verandahs not only provide shelter and cooling for houses they can allow for outdoor living as well. Options for clear roofing mean areas that might turn dingy if under normal cover retain natural lighting.

We at Gimme Shelter have had many years of building verandahs in coastal environments and Geelong through to Lara. We know both materials and workmanship make all the difference and we pride ourselves on delivering both.

We also know that any design needs to  compliment your existing building. Let us help you to decide what will both suit your needs and look stunning at the same time.

Gimme Shelter are also experts at dealing with councils and will endeavour to make even this aspect of your verandah installation as painless as possible.

Some of our recent work.

Highton, Geelong

Another Colourbond/Flatdeck Verandah, this time with the addition of skylights and a receiver channel system. This structure in Highton really gives you a good view of Flatdeck roofings incredible spans and its ability to reflect light. We recommend using a white underside for maximum light reflection.

Portarlington, Bellerine Penninsula

This is a Verandah we recently built in Portarlington. Constructed using Colourbond frame work with a Flatdeck roof. Flatdeck is a very popular product due to its incredible spans, resulting in minimal framework and an increased feeling of space, much like a standard ceiling.

Portarlington, Bellerine Penninsula

Another look at the same job.


Constructed using Colourbond framework and clear polycarbonate roofing (laserlight). The Gable option maximises airflow and creates a feeling of space which is crucial when using polycarbonate roofing which has a tendancy to become quite hot with a low roof and limited airflow. Note- the decking was also constructed by Gimme Shelter

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